Lagotto Week in August - MyDogDNA Participating

Lagotto Romagnolo is a working dog of Italian origin. It is an ancient "breed"; Lagotto-looking curly coated dogs have been portrayed in narrative images, describing fishing and hunting, found in Etruscan tombs. Originally, this multi-talented dog has been a reliable guard dog and hunters' loyal helper (as a retrieving dog) for the people in the lowlands of Romagna region, valley of Comacchio and swamps of Ravenna. Lagotto has a very good sense of smell and it was already in those times used for searching truffles. Today, Lagotto Romagnolo is the only purebred dog breed specialized in finding truffles.

Lagotto demands a lot of training because of its nature and care for its coat. It is extremely energetic and bustling. Especially as a puppy and young dog, its liveliness and inventiveness as well as attentional and learning skills surprise most owners. It is intelligent and sensitive, and very alert dog. It has tendency to bark at anything new, and thus inform about those that come, those that go, about suspicious noises and happenings that are invisible to human eye.

As the Lagotto is a working dog, it needs tasks on which it can use its energy. It loves action and activities with its own people. If it is given both physical and intellectual challenges on a regular basis, it is a satisfied dog: energetic outdoors but peaceful indoors. (

The Finnish breed club Suomen Lagottoklubi will organize a Lagotto Week in the Helsinki region, Finland, from August 3rd to August 8th, just before the World Dog Show 2014. During this week, there will be many activities for all Lagotti, owners and breeders, including, among others activities, a CAC show, a walk in the Nuuksio national park as well as a guided tour of Helsinki. There will also be a Lagotto Romagnolo Conference, on Wednesday the 6th, and Jonas Donner, Head of Research and Development at Genoscoper Laboratories will give a lecture about the genetic information gathered with MyDogDNA testing concept. During this lecture, everyone has the opportunity to hear more on genetic diversity and genetic disorders studied with MyDogDNA panel test, as well as on genetic traits and genetic differences within the breed. After the lecture, it is also possible to ask questions and discuss with the representatives of MyDogDNA team. More information about the event, instructions for registration and the preliminary program for the Lagotto Week can be found at:

There are quite many tested Lagotti Romagnoli in the MyDogDNA database, but, nevertheless, MyDogDNA together with the Finnish breed club wish to encourage all Lagotto owners and breeders to test their dogs to get as comprehensive data as possible to be presented in the conference in August. Therefore, we are starting a special campaign for Lagotto Romagnolo breed that will be ongoing until the end of June. During this campaign, MyDogDNA PASS can be purchased for Lagotti Romagnoli at the price of 99 euros. The discount price can be obtained at our web shop at with the discount code LAGOTTOWEEK.

We warmly wish you welcome to use our testing services and to participate in the Lagotto Week events! See you there!

Breed description borrowed (and freely translated) from the Finnish breed club's web site at