My Dog's DNA testing - Dog Owner's Experiences

We bought our dog Sampo from a farm on the island of Kemiö in Finland, in February 2006. The lady of the farm told us that they had deliberately let their mixed-breed dog mate with the neighbour's dog, which was also of mixed-breed. She told me that there were five different breeds in Sampo: Samoyed, Husky, Lapponian Herder, Golden Retriever and Border Collie.

As Sampo grew, he got surprisingly big. He has approximately the size of a Husky. He is white in colour, with a hint of golden shimmer on the back and at the ends of the ears. Especially as a puppy, many people thought that Sampo was a white shepherd dog. We almost named him "Latte". The lady of the farm offered us a cup of coffee, and this wild puppy pushed her over while running and got a little bit of milk coffee on his coat.

Sampo is peaceful and kind in nature. He does not care much about people, except, of course, for family members. However, he is very interested in other dogs. With other males he doesn't though get along.

We wanted to have Sampo tested with MyDogDNA to find out whether it would carry any hereditary disorders.

Ordering the test was easy at the MyDogDNA website. Once I got registered and placed the order, I got a test kit mailed to my house in few days. The test kit contained a MyDogDNA card, buccal brushes for testing and clear instructions for sample taking. Anyone can take the sample, but it is recommended to have the sample taken by a veterinarian or other trained and authorized person, for example, by the Genoscoper Laboratories' staff. I took Sampo to Genoscoper's laboratory and Katja Jauni took the sample from Sampo's mouth in a professional manner. Sampo had a mouth injury last fall when chasing a rabbit or some other animal, and doesn't want to have his mouth touched. Katja dealt with Sampo very professionally and Sampo's sample taking proceeded nicely and quickly.

About three weeks later I received an email telling me that the results were ready. I logged in to the MyDogDNA database where the results were then available to be read.

The results showed that Sampo was neither affected nor carrier for any of the tested inherited disorders. This information was a relief for us. Sampo's genetic diversity percentage is 36.1 %, which is pretty good. The median for all tested dogs is 28.8 %. The results tell about known disorders in different breeds, what kind of symptoms they cause, and how common they are. Similarly, the test results give information about the dog's traits and characteristics, such as coat colour, coat type and structural traits.

It is good to interpret the results with a professional, such as a veterinarian. He can explain the medical terms in plain language.

If we would like to use Sampo for breeding, we could share his results with other breeders. Those who would be interested in Sampo's genetic properties could easily contact us. Very convenient!