MyDogDNA® 2016 Test Content

The hard work of our R&D has recently resulted in the new and even more comprehensive MyDogDNA® 2016 test panel that is available in our web shop. For dogs that have already been tested with MyDogDNA PASS, MyDogDNA LITE or MyDogDNA 2015 packages, we offer the possibility for cost-efficient upgrade for purchasing the new test content. The upgrade requires a new sample. To maintain the cost-efficiency of the disease and trait test panel, the DNA profile (ISAG or AKC standards) remains as an optional add-on that can be purchased in addition to the other test content when needed.

We have included many new mutation discoveries in the test panel and will now proudly provide them to all of our customers as part of our services.

Among other tests, these discoveries made by the canine genetics research group at the University of Helsinki are now MyDogDNA® -included:

Dental hypomineralization in Border Collies
Van den Ende-Gupta Syndrome, (VDEGS)

These are only few examples of the new test content; visit our breed pages to see the most relevant new test content for your breed!

Follow our web site for more information about the MyDogDNA® 2016 test!