New test in the MyDogDNA 2015 panel: Muscular Hypertrophy or Double Musculing in Whippets

The MyDogDNA 2015 test content has a new addition, genetic test for Muscular Hypertrophy or Double Musculing in Whippets. This test is now included in the service, and the result is available in the dog profile also for those that already have tested their dogs with the MyDogDNA 2015 panel. More information about the tested mutation:

Muscular Hypertrophy or Double Musculing in Whippets

Mutation in the myostatin gene (MSTN) causes muscular hypertrophy in Whippets. Normally myostatin regulates and controls muscle growth, and genetic defect in the myostatin gene results in larger muscle mass growth.

Overmusculated, homozygous (two mutated copies) Whippets are also called “Bully Whippets”. These dogs have broad chests and atypically strongly developed limb and neck muscles. ”Bully Whippets” are bigger than their litter mates already as puppies. Bully Whippets are not known to have other health problems than muscle cramps. 

Carriers of the mutation are often found to be significantly faster than dogs with normal muscular structure.