Quick overview to the genome-wide measured diversity levels in different dog breeds


Ahead of the New Year, we want to provide you with a quick overview to the genome-wide measured diversity levels in various breeds. All of the breed reports and related graphs can of course be found live at www.mydogdna.com/breed-health, but this brief listing helps you quickly get an understanding of how your dog breed relates to the other breeds and what kind of differences there may be between the pedigreed breeds in terms of the measured heterozygosity. Please note that whenever the tested populations is still less than 100 dogs, the diversity levels may change when more dogs are tested. Also, this information gets updated whenever we get new data, so always refer to the latest information available on the mydogdna.com website.

A sneak peak into what's coming up when the year changes...

I can also a little bit lift the veil on the upcoming reporting and what the New Year will bring along;  all of the MyDogDNA dog owners and breeders will have a whole new view point to their dog breeds. Something that previously has been possible to the eyes of the researchers only! In practice, also those of you, who still haven’t got the diversity and relationships reporting in place for your breed, will be able to get different group views that help you learn more about your dog’s genetics whilst you're still collecting your own breed data. Until then, a warm and peaceful Christmas time to all of you!

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