Border Collie

Exclusively on MyDogDNA: Marker-based gene test for adult onset deafness (AOD) in Border Collies

New marker-based gene test for Border Collies available only in MyDogDNATMand Optimal SelectionTM (U.S. and Canada) dog dna test panels!

Test soon available for Dental hypomineralization in Border Collies

The canine genetics research group at the University of Helsinki published a study in May revealing the genetic causes for three hereditary disorders. With the novel gene discoveries the research group was able to identify the genetic causes for hyperostosis in Terrier breeds, dental hypomineralization in Border Collie, and previously undescribed skeletal syndrome in Wire Fox Terriers.

The new MyDogDNA genome-wide testing program is a major step forward in making comprehensive health screening an affordable reality for dog breeders

Prior to now there was one major obstacle to widespread disease testing for dogs: cost. It is very expensive to have your breeding stock tested for genetic diseases one test at a time.