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Exclusively on MyDogDNA: Marker-based gene test for adult onset deafness (AOD) in Border Collies

New marker-based gene test for Border Collies available only in MyDogDNATMand Optimal SelectionTM (U.S. and Canada) dog dna test panels!

Panel Testing of Canine Inherited Disorders Provides Great Opportunities, But Requires a New Level of Information Management

The number of canine genetic tests available to breeders and veterinarians has increased radically over the past 10 years in the wake of new discoveries made by research groups. Following this development, several DNA testing laboratories have restructured their services to move from one-by-one single gene tests to offering multiple disorder or trait tests at once. Such services are typically offered as “combination packages”, “multiplex or panel tests”, or a “smorgasbord” where the consumer picks the desired gene tests.

The Pox of the Popular Sire

The most common admonition of the geneticist to the dog breeder is to "avoid the Popular Sire Syndrome". At the same time, the most common advice from breeder to breeder is to breed "the best to best". So the conundrum is obvious and the consequence predictable - the "best" dogs are the most sought after, so they sire the most offspring and become popular sires.