MDR1 mutation

MDR1 test in the MyDogDNA panel

We have more exciting news to share! We are now taking one more step further in our efforts to bring you an even more complete and comprehensive panel for use in your breeding program.

We are now able to offer the Multi-Drug Resistance 1, (MDR1) mutation test, which will from now on be offered as part of the MyDogDNA® panel to all customers.

Clinical perspective: the MDR1 mutation

I work as an on-duty veterinarian providing emergency care for pets. My patients are often seriously ill and require intensive medical care; decisions have to be made rapidly. For many of my patients, adverse reactions in response to drugs could potentially be severe. As a veterinarian, I would prefer that at least each of my Collie, Australian Shepherd and Shetland Sheepdog patients would be tested for MDR1 mutation before starting treatment. In this article I will tell you why.