No More Spinning the Wheel of Fortune on Dog Health: With MyDogDNA Pass Both Breeders and Owners Will Know What They're Getting

Helsinki, Finland, June 10, 2013 – Today, Genoscoper Laboratories has launched MyDogDNA Pass™, the world’s first genetics-based health assessment for dogs. Dog owners know the heartbreak and often, great cost, of owning a dog with a genetic defect. Specific breeds are noted for defects, such as heart disease, propensity for bloat, hip dysplasia, skin disorders, difficulty breathing, hereditary cancers and many, many more. Owners and breeders alike trust the source of the dog or bitch to supply correct information about health risks.

KUTSU: DNA-deittailu edistää koirarotujen terveyttä. Tule kuulemaan miten!

Genoscoper järjestää MyDogDNA-julkistamistilaisuuden 12.6. klo 11 Helsingin yliopiston tiloissa osoitteessa Siltavuorenpenger 5 A (Minerva-tori K226). Tervetuloa paikalle kuulemaan!