Updated overview to genetic diversity levels in different dog breeds

In the statistics below, we give you an updated overview to genome-wide measured genetic diversity levels in different breeds. This table helps you get an understanding of what kind of differences there may be between breeds in terms of heterozygosity. The information gets updated with each new tested dog in the MyDogDNA database and thus refers always to the latest data available.

We have included the diversity information of tested Mixed Breed dogs and Wolfs in the statistics as a curiosity, to make it easier to understand the situation compared to pedigreed dogs. On the list, we have chosen some popular breeds as well as some new breeds with diversity graphs!

All breed related graphs and information about essential test content for these breeds can be found at www.mydogdna.com/breeds or via these links

American Hairless Terrier
Australian Shepherd
Bernese Mountain Dog
Coton de Tulèar
English Springer Spaniel
Finnish Hound
German Shepherd Dog
Golden Retriever
Mixed Breed
Parson Russell Terrier
Pyrenean Mastiff
Swedish Vallhund
Terrier Brazileiro
Welsh Springer Spaniel