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Dog’s Genotype and Colors

The color of a dog’s coat depends on the combined effect of many different genetic variants. Although all genes and alleles have not yet been identified, many factors and combinations are known to have effect on the final appearance of the dog. Due to the complexity of the possible combinations, as well as the hierarchy of the factors, reading the results of genetic tests for colors is not all straightforward. In order to facilitate the interpretation of the MyDogDNA test results, we have drawn the descriptive chart presented below.

Puppies, puppies, puppies!

Rita’s puppies were born on exactly 62 days after the mating. As I am writing this they are 3.5 weeks old, cute beyond any verbal description and getting more active every day.​

New Test: Color Locus S (Piebald or Extreme White Spotting)

Domestic dogs have great diversity in white spotting patterns ranging from extreme white to minimal white or completely solid color. The amount of white color is determined by genetic factors as well as by stochastic events in pigment cell development. It is important to understand that white color in domestic dogs is controlled by many variants as well as random events in the maturation of the cells.

New test in the MyDogDNA 2015 panel: Muscular Hypertrophy or Double Musculing in Whippets

The MyDogDNA 2015 test content has a new addition, genetic test for Muscular Hypertrophy or Double Musculing in Whippets. This test is now included in the service, and the result is available in the dog profile also for those that already have tested their dogs with the MyDogDNA 2015 panel. More information about the tested mutation:

Expecting is so exciting!

My lagotto bitch Rita is definitely expecting. The gestation was confirmed by an ultra sound check-up 28 days after the mating. Now her belly is getting bigger every day.

DNA–based testing is the most powerful tool for disease management, but the battle against genetic disorders also requires diligence to maintain diversity

How to maintain genetic diversity while reducing disease frequency in pedigree dog?

Scientists at the University of Edinburgh’s Roslin Institute who published an article earlier this year were aimed to answer this question. Encompassing all 215 dog breeds officially recognized by The Kennel Club in the UK, the study carefully lists 396 inherited diseases, provides available methods for the management of those diseases, and offers further specific recommendations for breeders.

Cold summer, hot news!

Finland has so far seen the coldest summer in fifty years. It is nearly July and we are still waiting for the temperatures to rise beyond 20°C. The only bit of hot news in the middle of this is that our puppy plans were finally reactivated with Rita’s heat.

Finnish DNA diagnostics company, Genoscoper to partner with Mars Veterinary

Finland-based Genoscoper Laboratories and Mars Veterinary, a division of Mars Petcare team up to combine proprietary genome technologies and DNA-based product solutions to advance the well-being and relationship between pets, pet owners and veterinarians through valuable insights into pets as individuals.

New MyDogDNA® 2015 – New, even more comprehensive test content

The intensive work of our Research and Development staff results now in a new and even more comprehensive MyDogDNA® 2015 test panel. MyDogDNA® 2015 will be available in our web shop the coming week. For dogs that have already been tested with MyDogDNA PASS or MyDogDNA LITE packages, we are able to offer cost-efficient upgrades for purchasing the new test content. The upgrade requires a new sample.

Side effects of living by a lake

Finland is known as the land of 60 000 lakes, and living right at the water’s edge is not that uncommon here. As the lagotto romagnolo breed is originally a water dog (lago in Italian means lake), my dogs really enjoy our home lake. However, there are some side effects…

Novel Neurodegenerative Disease and Gene Identified with the Help of Man’s Best Friend - Test Available Soon within MyDogDNA Testing Services

Press release by canine genetics research group led by Professor Hannes Lohi at the University of Helsinki and the Folkhälsan Research Center.

Panel Testing of Canine Inherited Disorders Provides Great Opportunities, But Requires a New Level of Information Management

The number of canine genetic tests available to breeders and veterinarians has increased radically over the past 10 years in the wake of new discoveries made by research groups. Following this development, several DNA testing laboratories have restructured their services to move from one-by-one single gene tests to offering multiple disorder or trait tests at once. Such services are typically offered as “combination packages”, “multiplex or panel tests”, or a “smorgasbord” where the consumer picks the desired gene tests.

A furry tail version of Winter’s Tale

The thought of Nordic winters often makes people yearn for that magically white, glistening fairytale scenery from Christmas cards. But that is not nearly the whole story. With dogs in the household it can get rather muddy & messy.

New year, same old unpredictable life

Apart from the weather being very whimsical this winter, my dogs keep coming up with all kinds of new follies as the season drags on. Unpredictability is the word that best describes our life for the last month.

Novice breeders thoughts about DNA tests.

I breed Coton de Tulear dogs under the kennel name “Lighthouse Friend’s”. I got interested in DNA testing and in monitoring the test results in 2010 when my Breed Club organized health testing at our annual autumn event. Then, among other things, it was possible to test the dogs for a canine retinal disease (Canine Multifocal Retinopathy type 2 – CMR2), identified in the Coton de Tulear breed.

About patience, truffles and working styles

I was never a very patient person. That is why I love my dogs. They have taught me more about patience than I ever thought possible. And I enjoy every unpredictable day with them.

People make plans, dogs don’t

I am still waiting for the first signs of my lagotto bitch Rita’s heat. According to my calculations she should start any day now. The sire recommended for her by MyDogDNA Breeder database lives abroad, so at any given moment I shall be busy booking progesterone tests, flight tickets, hotels... But so far all I can do is wait.