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MyDogDNA genome-wide analysis identifies carriers of a known bleeding disorder in Finnish Hounds and Welsh Springer Spaniels

Canine disease genomics progresses quickly and academic research groups around the world have already discovered mutations underlying more than 160 genetic disorders and traits in different breeds. Until today, testing of the known canine diseases has been possible only with separately conducted single-gene tests. Genoscoper Laboratories has, as the first animal diagnostics laboratory in the world, developed a unique genetic panel testing and reporting concept to efficiently and economically test most of the known mutations at once.

Kick-off of a global MyDogDNA Research Programme 2013 at the European Dog Show, Geneva

A warm thank you to all of you who visited our stand at the European Dog Show 2013 in Geneva and showed such a big interest towards the very first MyDogDNA Research Programme, the new MyDogDNA Pass as well as the first truly global dog DNA database.  We were pleased to meet both our existing customers as well as many new show dog enthusiasts! Your useful feedback will guide us further with the development of both the MyDogDNA Pass and the MyDogDNA Breeder, the first dog matchmaking tool built on top of the analysed data.

Introducing MyDogDNA Pass and its reports - Part I: What is the Genetic Health Index (GHI) given by the MyDogDNA Pass?

MyDogDNA Pass is the dogs’ very first genetic health assessment that simultaneously delivers information about the breed disease heritage and genome-wide measured genetic diversity. This comprehensive of an analysis has not been available for dog owners ever before. Given the abundance of the genetic information delivered by one and single analysis, it was necessary to come up with a way that would help the dog owner to get an overview of the dog’s genetic health at one glance: the Genetic Health Index (GHI).

The new MyDogDNA genome-wide testing program is a major step forward in making comprehensive health screening an affordable reality for dog breeders

Prior to now there was one major obstacle to widespread disease testing for dogs: cost. It is very expensive to have your breeding stock tested for genetic diseases one test at a time.

Mixed Breed Dogs Are Not Protected From Breed Disease Heritage

A canine research group, led by Thomas Bellumori, from the University of California Davis has mapped the prevalence of 22 different hereditary disorders using health information from 27 254 dogs from a major animal hospital in the United States. With this huge amount of data they were able to compare the prevalence of some of the known hereditary diseases between different breeds.

No More Spinning the Wheel of Fortune on Dog Health: With MyDogDNA Pass Both Breeders and Owners Will Know What They're Getting

Helsinki, Finland, June 10, 2013 – Today, Genoscoper Laboratories has launched MyDogDNA Pass™, the world’s first genetics-based health assessment for dogs. Dog owners know the heartbreak and often, great cost, of owning a dog with a genetic defect. Specific breeds are noted for defects, such as heart disease, propensity for bloat, hip dysplasia, skin disorders, difficulty breathing, hereditary cancers and many, many more. Owners and breeders alike trust the source of the dog or bitch to supply correct information about health risks.

FROM SINGLE GENE TESTS TO A GENOME-WIDE ANALYSIS – The Possibilities Canine Genetics Research has to offer

Canine genetic disease research has been going on actively for the past ten years and through this research, dozens of single gene tests have been developed.
Nevertheless, these single gene tests don’t provide us with a comprehensive overview on the genetic health and the genetic diversity in dogs.