Preserving Genetic Diversity, Reducing Hereditary Diseases

MyDogDNA® is the only service available that makes it possible to monitor genetic diversity in dogs and breeds. The fewer health issues a dog has, the more active it is. Along with testing for known inherited diseases, testing for genetic diversity helps prevent the evolution of new problems in the breed.

By maintaining and increasing genetic diversity, we can reduce the occurrence of inherited diseases and other known canine problems that result from inbreeding. Testing for genetic diversity prevents recessively inherited diseases by reducing the likelihood of mating two carriers of the same disease to produce afflicted offspring. MyDogDNA® offers breeders and dog owners the opportunity to use MyDogDNA® Breeder, the world's first dog matchmaking tool that helps estimate the genetic impact of the planned mating pair on the puppies. With such advanced predictive tools available, can you really afford not to use them?

As you can see, genetic diversity really matters. It is also important to remember that in order to maintain the breed health, other factors should also be taken into account:

  • Always keep in mind other hereditary diseases encountered in the breed - ones that we cannot currently test for, but which are known to be inherited.
  • Pay particular attention to breed-specific structural problems and remember the required veterinary health checks.
  • Follow the breeding restrictions of your breed club.