Best Care for Your Best Friend

Your dog is an important part of your family. We understand that the well-being of pets also affects the well-being of their owners. The better you know your dog’s inherited characteristics, the better you can understand its behaviour.

Both you and your vet should know what your dog is carrying in its DNA and if it's likely to have hereditary health issues. Whether you're just getting a puppy, or planning the best care for your four-pawed family member, the dog’s DNA provides valuable information about its potential diseases.

MyDogDNA® combines nearly 200 genetic tests in one testing package. You can see the full test content in the sample report, or by searching for your breed on our Breeds page.

If you're thinking about buying a puppy, take a look at the list of MyDogDNA Breeders. These breeders use our advanced DNA information database to make sustainable breeding selections and help them breed their dogs safely and responsibly.