MyDogDNA for Veterinarians - Plan the Best Care

MyDogDNA® provides veterinarians with essential background information to make long-term care plans for their canine patients. Just as in humans, for dogs comprehensive DNA testing is an important part of the trend toward predictive, preventive, and personalized healthcare.

Veterinarians need both genetic and clinical health information to get the best picture of dog health and to make long-term care plans. MyDogDNA® helps exclude or consider inherited diseases when symptoms arise. Testing could perhaps even be included as part of routine health checks.

With the help of a wide panel of canine DNA tests, it's possible to simultaneously test for several known canine inherited diseases. You can also learn more about inherited conformational traits related to size and other individual characteristics. For example, natural bobtail trait testing is automatically included in MyDogDNA®.

Keep in mind that it's not possible to test for all known diseases. It may be impossible to develop tests for the most severe diseases, because they are polygenic in nature. Therefore, it's also important to understand and track genetic diversity.


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