Golden Retriever

The genetic differentiation of dog breeds has led to alterations in metabolism

A recently published article shows that canine breeds can be distinguished by alterations in their lipidome. The study of Lloyd et al. (2017) examined lipidome differences in 100 dogs from 9 different breeds. The study showed distinct inter-breed differences in the breeds’ lipidomes. This study highlights that the genetic differentiation of dog breeds has resulted in alterations in metabolism.

A Quick Overview of Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is one of the most popular popular dog breeds in the world. However, only a small proportion of the Golden Retriever population is actively used in breeding, and, therefore, the Golden Retriever breeders and enthusiasts are now interested in learning more about the genetic diversity in this breed. The estimations based on pedigrees (coefficient of inbreeding) don't necessarily reflect the genetic situation of the breed. A more detailed overview can be obtained by making use of DNA information.