DNA testing

New test in the MyDogDNA 2015 panel: Muscular Hypertrophy or Double Musculing in Whippets

The MyDogDNA 2015 test content has a new addition, genetic test for Muscular Hypertrophy or Double Musculing in Whippets. This test is now included in the service, and the result is available in the dog profile also for those that already have tested their dogs with the MyDogDNA 2015 panel. More information about the tested mutation:

DNA–based testing is the most powerful tool for disease management, but the battle against genetic disorders also requires diligence to maintain diversity

How to maintain genetic diversity while reducing disease frequency in pedigree dog?

Scientists at the University of Edinburgh’s Roslin Institute who published an article earlier this year were aimed to answer this question. Encompassing all 215 dog breeds officially recognized by The Kennel Club in the UK, the study carefully lists 396 inherited diseases, provides available methods for the management of those diseases, and offers further specific recommendations for breeders.

5 Good Reasons to Have Your Dog's DNA Tested

With the help of DNA testing, it is possible to get answers to a wide range of questions related to the health and appearance of an individual. These answers often raise even more questions and professional advice is needed for support. The amount of information received may seem daunting, even leading to questioning its necessity. However, when used correctly, the information can be harnessed to be an effective tool helping to solve many dog- or breed- related problems. Therefore, it is good to return to a most fundamental question: Why is canine genetic testing worthwhile?